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Welcome to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation Ethics Reporting Service


ConfidenceLine has been selected by Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation as its authorized external service provider for the purpose of reporting unethical conduct or violations of the Code of Business Conduct. This service is open to all employees of Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

The ConfidenceLine E-Web reporting system offers a secure, state of the art, web reporting communications process that allows for direct and confidential communication between you and Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

All information submitted through the ConfidenceLine is subject the NSLC Privacy Policy and the corresponding Privacy Statement.

Please click the following link to view the Code of Business Conduct:

Code of Business Conduct


To create a report, simply press the "Continue" button on the log-in screen. The system will provide you with a User Name and you will be asked to create a Password for the purpose of receiving communications from your employer and/or to update information to your file.

Remember to write down the User Name and password provided so you can log back in within 3-5 days to obtain an update or reply to your submission.

Once you have entered the ConfidenceLine E-Web application some preliminary instructions will be provided, please read these carefully. You will find a series of screens that include questions and information particular to your concern. You may skip over questions that do not apply, and at the end of the process you will be given an opportunity to edit the final report before it is sent and received by the designate(s) at Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

ConfidenceLine will ensure that the report is not forwarded to any individuals who may be implicated.

For security purposes, there is a sixty minute inactivity time limit built in to this web application. If there is a period of inactivity for more than sixty minutes, the system will cancel your access to the program. Should this occur, please start the process from the beginning.

Once you are completely satisfied with your report, you will be asked to press a "Send Report" button that will send your confidential electronic report to the approved designate(s) at Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

Remember to write down the User Name and password provided so you can log back in to obtain an update or reply to your submission.

If you would like to see Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation's response to your submission or, if you chose to remain anonymous, to determine if any questions have been directed back to you in relation to your submission, simply log back into the website and enter your User Name and password. You will be given an opportunity to update the file by entering communications directly over the internet that will be reviewed by the designate(s). Type your message in the Communications Message Field and press the "Send Communications" button. An email alert will be sent by the program to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation Designate(s) who will log in and see your comments.

Contact ConfidenceLine

An alternate way to submit a report is to call our ConfidenceLine at 1-888-209-3159. Our Call Agents are available 24 hours a day to assist you. You may also call if you have any questions regarding our service.

The program includes a mechanism for you to upload any documentation or evidence that you would like to forward with regard to this report. You may also forward documentation to ConfidenceLine Administration who will manage the upload for you. You may do so in a confidential manner as follows:

Documents, memos, pictures, emails, or any other supporting material in hard copy can be forwarded:

Please ensure your documents are marked "Confidential" and include your User Name that is provided by this program on the documentation. We will be unable to upload your documents to the file unless your User Name is included. ConfidenceLine will remove any identifiers that may jeopardize your anonymity prior to uploading your submitted materials for the company designate to review.

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